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Smart System

With Internet ofThings (IoT) and artificial intelligence as the main focus, BOE aims to buildon its strength in display, artificial         intelligence and sensor technologies andprovide user-oriented IoT solutions covering Smart Manufacturing, System ofDisplays, System of Internet of Vehicles, Solutions in Photovoltaic Energy,Mobile Healthcare.


BOEaims to provide intelligent and customized products and services by buildingsmart           factories and toppling traditional manufacturing models. The customizedservice system           include an online platform (iMaker) and two physical platforms(Tech Shop and Smart Factory)

Smart Retail

BOEaims to provide integrated solutions for hardware products, software platformsand         application scenarios. This could be applied to field of Finance, Education, Bank, Art, etc.

Smart IoV

BOE’scar display products cover most car brands in the market. With high definition,curved   car display module, it aims to provide electrical systems includingadvanced driver assistance  system, accurate positioning system etc. to deliverbetter services.

Smart Energy

BOEaims to develop a smart management platform to monitor power generation; andaims   to provide internet plus energy-saving solutions in parking lots. Besides,BOE will speed up the development of photovoltaic power stations, build anintelligent micro-internet of electricity,  in a way that power stations andusers can be efficiently interconnected.

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